Cutting Edge: Uterqüe

One of the looks from Uterqüe’s Spring 2012 Collection

Many of you who know me personally are aware that Zara is one of my favorite brands to shop from. Their designs are part of the same high fashion conversation that designers are having on runways, but at a much lower cost. Great design, affordable… what’s not to like? Well, if any of you have spent time in Spain and some other European countries, you’ll know that Zara is not the only brand to put forth incredible fashion at low cost; there’s also Massimo Dutti, Mango and since 2008 Uterqüe (pronounced Uter-kuay, meaning in Spanish “one and the other”). The company’s mission is to bring stylish high quality accessories at an affordable price. Each piece is produced in limited quantities, adding to their appeal. Although their main focus is accessories, they also make simple, silhouetted apparel that is supposed to be the perfect canvas for all of their bags, jewelry and shoes.

Even though this post is about fashion, I just want to point out that the Uterqüe’s store design is absolutely incredible. See below’s visual examples. The idea of exclusivity is definitely conveyed through the decor: perfect lighting, mirrored surfaces, and the dark wooden shelves elevate the experience, not to mention inspire my own apartment redesign.

Unfortunately, Uterqüe stores have only opened in Europe (one of the first times I feel like I am missing out by living in NY!). Let’s hope that their success takes off and they branch out into the U.S. along with Zara Home.

An example of the incredible store design. There is such a great balance between the dark shelves and the warm spotlights.

Uterqüe’s Spring 2012 Campaign 

 One of the looks from Uterqüe’s Spring 2012 Collection

1. Jointed Belt: $66.15| 2. Biker Jacket: $329.70| 3. Ankle Boot with Tongue: $170.80| 4. Three Dial Watch: $157.57| 5. Crocodile Print Zip Wallet: $92.62 | 6.   Leather Zip Bag: $223.78| 7. Horn Bracelet: $132| 8. V-neck Sweater: $92.63| 9. Maxi Round Sunglasses: $26.40


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