Hidden Gems: MiN New York

The apothecary-style shelves at MiN



There are many ways to describe Chad Murawczyk’s MiN New York: “apothecary”, “dark”, “rebellious”, “unique”. But the first word that came to my mind when passing by this hidden gem down in Soho was “enticing”. With so many unique fragrance, beauty and candle lines, MiN is definitely a must-see in New York. When so many cosmetic boutiques have a clean, calm setting, Murawczyck gave MiN a speakeasy, rock and roll feel. I can’t tell you how fun it was to enter this store and discover all of the amazing unusual products that it carried (they even had the Alvarez Gomez colognes that I grew up with in Spain!). And what is certain is that regardless of what you end up choosing, the quality is always there. MiN was my go-to holiday shopping locale this year, and although the prices weren’t low, every gift was a HUGE success. So whether you are a vetted New Yorker or just visiting the city, stop by this part apothecary part beauty boutique. You won’t be disappointed.

For those who aren’t interested in looking, there are great Chesterfield sofas to hang out on.

Examples of the artisanal products they carry

L’Humaniste by Frapin & Co: $155; MiN New York

This is the cologne I gave my boyfriend this Christmas. The line, created by Frapin & Co, is based on the various classic cocktails that have been seen time and time again in the hands of the most put-together gentleman. This one, “L’Humaniste” is inspired by the same herbs that can be found in gin as well as the citrus notes particular to tonic. Even those who dislike cologne have complimented my boyfriend on this unique fragrance.


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