Cutting Edge: Sculptural Lighting from Gallery L7

Swedish Table Lamp, $1,200 I whole heartedly believe in the¬†multidimensionality¬†of design. I live by the idea that we shouldn’t separate painting, from sculpture, music, film, and interior design. So when I come across a selection of items that communicates this concept so clearly it energizes every part of me. I wanted to share with you … Continue reading

Inspiring Interiors: Akari Lighting Sculptures by Noguchi

Michael Bargo’s Apartment photographed by Douglas Friedman For a long time I have been obsessed with this image of Michael Bargo’s apartment from Domino’s last issue. And even though the advice of mixing styles, periods and textures has been repeated to death, I’d still like to point out how incredibly seamlessly this has been done … Continue reading

Fresh (& Classic) Trend: Edison Bulb Lamps

Frank Muytjens’ home in Lonny Magazine, December 2010 The Edison Bulb, named after the renowned developer of light bulbs, has become a key component of modern interiors. Who can resist its warm glow and sculptural filaments, or even its reference to a simpler era? The odd thing about the Edison Bulb is its broad appeal: … Continue reading