Cutting Edge: Sculptural Lighting from Gallery L7

Swedish Table Lamp, $1,200 I whole heartedly believe in the multidimensionality of design. I live by the idea that we shouldn’t separate painting, from sculpture, music, film, and interior design. So when I come across a selection of items that communicates this concept so clearly it energizes every part of me. I wanted to share with you … Continue reading

Fresh Trend: Designing with Skateboards

Laura Day’s home in Lonny Magazine. Sometimes interior design doesn’t have the guy in mind. And certainly many style conscious women want their homes to be perfect only to find their boyfriend’s novelty memorabilia on the shelf next to a well arranged stack of books. It can cause frustrations and rifts. Well, luckily there may be something … Continue reading

Style Steal: The Best Prints Under $200 (and as Low as $10)

Vacancy 8×12 – 16×24 print by John Santoni, $75-$125 Great original artwork is hard to find, and to also be able to afford it is even harder. It seems as though our walls are doomed to be bare and undecorated. And if you are like me, you have spent countless hours looking through Etsy only … Continue reading

Art Show: Jenna Snyder-Phillips Answers a Proust Questionnaire

Jenna Snyder-Phillips in her studio. I have often seen impactful, awe-inspiring artwork in the airy and architectural spaces of the MoMA or the Prado, but it’s a rare thing to see a similarly grand piece in the private context of a home. When art and interior design merge, it reminds you of painting’s true purpose: … Continue reading

Art Show: The Surrealist Portraits of Alexander Straulino

Part indiginous part surrealist, a clear example of Straulino’s genious. Image from Studio Straulino Alexander Straulino’s photography has been a reoccurring appearance in the pages of Haper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, and Vogue. But his work operates beyond the realm of editorial: in his images we see a perspective that seems almost painterly (and in some cases … Continue reading

Art Show: Carmen Cámara

In this post, I’d like to celebrate the work of Carmen Cámara (who also happens to be my fabulous aunt). Her artwork is very original but also has a familiar quality that allows even the most inexperienced viewer to grasp the feeling being captured. Whatever emotion that is (usually dark), it seems to keep us … Continue reading

Cutting Edge: PurePhoto

Walk the Line… Print by Bob Boyd: $50-$500; PurePhoto PurePhoto is an incredible photography resource. It brings to you thousands of stunning prints at a range of prices, many of them as low as $50. Each photographer has their own page to feature their work, some are for sale and some are simply to preview … Continue reading