Inside Look: Move to Brazil

  An image I took while heading to the beach at Praia do Forte, Brazil Oi! Tudo bom? I want to sincerely apologize to all of you for my absence from blogging, let’s just say that things have become busy for me. But the exciting news that I would like to announce is that I … Continue reading

Cutting Edge: Ankasa’s New Flagship Store in Soho

Ankasa’s new store in Soho. 424 Broome between Crosby and Lafayette The beauty of New York City is that just a twenty minute wander can uncover incredibly inspiring stores and restaurants. Naturally, we depend on word of mouth, websites and magazines to help us navigate some of the best of the city’s offerings, but occasionally … Continue reading

Cutting Edge: My Top 5 Design and Fashion Blogs

1. Habitual Bliss. My favorite tumblr with some stunning photographic finds. I thought that I would share with all of you some of my top resources for inspiration and information. These sites are in my opinion some of the best blog’s out there and don’t just role out a post every day because they have to. … Continue reading

Inside Look: Today’s Early Spring Outfit

Printed Blouse with Scarf, $59.90 | Pointed Slingback with Contrast, $79.90 | Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch, $250 Although not the best photography, I thought I’d share with you my outfit today. I am wearing head to toe Zara which is really just a coincidence. I purchased the top and shoes just this weekend at the insanely … Continue reading

Fresh Trend: Designing with Skateboards

Laura Day’s home in Lonny Magazine. Sometimes interior design doesn’t have the guy in mind. And certainly many style conscious women want their homes to be perfect only to find their boyfriend’s novelty memorabilia on the shelf next to a well arranged stack of books. It can cause frustrations and rifts. Well, luckily there may be something … Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend: Saturdays Surf Shop in Soho

Saturdays Surf has a relaxed yet sophisticated feel. The coffee bar in the middle of the store draws in a constant stream of locals.Image from Saturdays Surf. Readers, this is a rare occurrence: this store has rendered me jealous of those with an x and y chromosome. And to think that retail has the power … Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend: Ozwald Boateng Revolutionizes Menswear

Image from Proverb Limited Style or substance? That’s often the choice that is put before us. But for Ozwald Boateng, the revolutionary designer of Bespoke menswear, they are one and the same. According to him, substance is a necessary component of good style because it is an outward expression of one’s creativity. Boateng is certainly creative. … Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

1. Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffeemaker with Shatterproof Carafe by Bodum: $49.95; Wayfair| 2. Card Speaker by Idea: $73; Vetted| 3. Hello T-shirt: $22; Buddy Carr Skateboards| 4. Co-op Alpaca Blanket: $348; Apolis Global Citizen| 5. Grenade Oil Lamp by Piet Houtenbos: $59; Aha Life| 6. Looking In: Robert Franks The American’s, Expanded Edition: … Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend: Street Etiquette

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette photo from Vogue Italia Call me a tomboy, but there’s nothing more inspiring than men’s fashion, haberdashery and design. Largely untouched in design blogs, I intend to bring it to the forefront and showcase some of its best examples in the section “man’s best friend”. Here, I’ll include … Continue reading