Art Show: Jenna Snyder-Phillips Answers a Proust Questionnaire

Jenna Snyder-Phillips in her studio. I have often seen impactful, awe-inspiring artwork in the airy and architectural spaces of the MoMA or the Prado, but it’s a rare thing to see a similarly grand piece in the private context of a home. When art and interior design merge, it reminds you of painting’s true purpose: … Continue reading

Art Show: The Surrealist Portraits of Alexander Straulino

Part indiginous part surrealist, a clear example of Straulino’s genious. Image from Studio Straulino Alexander Straulino’s photography has been a reoccurring appearance in the pages of Haper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, and Vogue. But his work operates beyond the realm of editorial: in his images we see a perspective that seems almost painterly (and in some cases … Continue reading

Art Show: Carmen Cámara

In this post, I’d like to celebrate the work of Carmen Cámara (who also happens to be my fabulous aunt). Her artwork is very original but also has a familiar quality that allows even the most inexperienced viewer to grasp the feeling being captured. Whatever emotion that is (usually dark), it seems to keep us … Continue reading