Cutting Edge: Sculptural Lighting from Gallery L7

Swedish Table Lamp, $1,200

I whole heartedly believe in the multidimensionality of design. I live by the idea that we shouldn’t separate painting, from sculpture, music, film, and interior design. So when I come across a selection of items that communicates this concept so clearly it energizes every part of me. I wanted to share with you a great example of this, of two different mediums coming together. The owner of Gallery L7 has successfully curated some of the most beautiful examples of sculpture meeting lighting. Many of these pieces are antiques and highlight the ground breaking design principles that came out of the Bauhaus. This epicenter of modern design revolutionized how design was carried out in the 20th century. It brought innovation of form and structure to mass production and mass market. It was a place of assembly for all of the most genius minds in every artistic field. And it has completely changed how we interact with design: part functional, part modern art. So it comes as no surprise that Gallery L7‘s owner, Svenn Neuman first started out as an architect and gallery owner, only to then establish Gallery L7, a curated collection of antique modern furniture and lighting. He and his team have searched all over Germany and other countries in Europe to find some truly beautiful pieces.

Purchasing one of these pieces is the equivalent to buying a cubist sculpture, or an abstract expressionist painting. It’s investing in an era that broke every convention that it inherited and changed the course of design. Although I am unable to make the investment, I’ll be satisfied with just window shopping.

Cubic Chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari, $4,800

Pair of Lita 2300 CF Wall Lights, $2,600

French Table Lamp, $1,900

Cubic Wall Lights by Gaetano Sciolari, $2,300

XL Brass Floor Lamp by Ateljé Lyktan, $2,400


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