Style Essential: Hatch’s Sexy and Edgy Looks for Moms to Be

Hatch’s designs look like they have been inspired by chic French style, à la Garance Doré

Those who know me personally know that I am definitely not excited and interested by maternity related design. Let’s just say that although I love my mother and truly appreciate what parents do for their children, when it comes to fashion and interiors, I do not believe that motherhood should be at the forefront of the conversation. I find that maternity focused products and design tend to lean on the conventional side, with traditional patterns and shapes that don’t keep up with the cutting edge.

However, when I came across the clothing brand Hatch, I was completely blown away by how edgy, current and stylish their collection was. At first, I thought it was just another fashion site with fantastic style. I was immediately impressed. Then, to my surprise, I saw that the clothing targeted pregnant women and was amazed at their ability to make maternity clothing cool. Their mantra is to design pieces that are primarily chic and fashion-forward as well as comfortable, for those busy women who want to look good while pregnant. To that I say, “Finally!”

Also, for every purchase made, $5 will be donated to “Every Mother Counts…” to decrease infant and maternal mortality rates in third world countries. Not bad.

Now all you need for these fantastic dresses is a well cut leather jacket and you are all set to be Vanguard approved.

I love the styling of the outfit on the right. This romper looks perfect paired with a tuxedo jacket and skinny belt. Hatch

You don’t have to miss out on the pastels this season. Hatch


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