Inside Look: Packing for Miami

From top left to bottom right: Perfect Chambray Shirt by Madewell, $68 | Midsize Chronograph Watch by Michael Kors, $250 | Women’s Dialana Ankle-Strap by Kelsi Dagger, $48.65 | Relaxed-fit Linen Jumper in Beige and Teal by Mango, $49.99 | Fetish Sandals by Mango, $ 119.99 | Double Curved Studs by Topshop, $18  (This list is incomplete, some of these items are from previous seasons and are not available online)

I am finally getting out of NYC and heading down to Miami to enjoy the warm and sunny weather. Judging by my sallow complexion, the Vitamin D is definitely needed. But the hardest thing to do, when you are going to a change of weather is get into the mindset of a new climate. So, I laid out all of the items that I will be bringing in hopes that seeing it all together might help me figure out if I am packing correctly. Of course, my clothes do not always look this stylized right before being packed. I recently purchased a few things from Zara and Mango, making the task that much more enjoyable. I can’t wait to kick back, relax around a pool with a chilled cocktail, wearing some of my new finds. Below is an example.

 Fetish Sandals by Mango, $ 119.99

These sandals are surprisingly comfortable due to the thick ankle strap keeping your foot in place.


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