Fresh Trend: Designing with Skateboards

Laura Day’s home in Lonny Magazine.

Sometimes interior design doesn’t have the guy in mind. And certainly many style conscious women want their homes to be perfect only to find their boyfriend’s novelty memorabilia on the shelf next to a well arranged stack of books. It can cause frustrations and rifts. Well, luckily there may be something that both men and women can agree on: limited edition designer skateboards as decoration. Both design conscious and a throwback to your more rebellious days, skateboards have surfaced as an innovative form of artwork. I think it is a great way to tone down a more put-together space showing your more relaxed side. And don’t worry, there are plenty of stylish options, giving you tons of opportunity to find the perfect one that speaks directly to your aesthetic. Here are a few of my favorites…

1. Sims Competition Skateboard, $57.99 | 2. Chixi Sticks Complete Skateboard by Madrid, $139.95 | 3. Saturdays X Shut Skateboard, $65 | 4. Grand Prix 30 Skateboard, $182 | 5. Limited Edition Skateboard by James Perse | 6. Harry Jumonji and Steve Olson Deck, $425 | 7. Ave Warhol II Deck, $59.99 | 8. Paul Smith Alien Workshop Skateboard, $115


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