Fresh Trend: Ombre Hair

From Pinterest.

Part accident, part economics, and somewhat intentional, I decided that I’d give the ombré hair style a go. If you have your hair highlighted or colored in New York City, you’ll know it can cost up to almost half your rent. Which is why, to my stylist’s dismay, I tend to go to the hair salon only 2-3 times a year. I usually end up with considerably noticeable roots that most passerbys probably figure is a style statement. Well, this time it is. I decided that I liked my natural hair color but also wanted to go very blonde, and in the end that meant ombré (a gradient from dark on top to very light at the ends). I have always gone back and forth between darker, more serious hair, and a lighter softer looking color. This time there was no need to choose, I found a style that represents both sides of me.

Drew Barrymore starts a hairstyle revolution.From Hit it or Quit it.


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