Style Steal: The Best Prints Under $200 (and as Low as $10)

Vacancy 8×12 – 16×24 print by John Santoni, $75-$125

Great original artwork is hard to find, and to also be able to afford it is even harder. It seems as though our walls are doomed to be bare and undecorated. And if you are like me, you have spent countless hours looking through Etsy only to find three somewhat decent prints that left you feeling underwhelmed. However, today, I have braved through the mind numbing thousand image search and have come up with 5 incredible original and signed prints, all under $200. Thanks to great websites such as ClicGallery and PurePhoto about which I have posted earlier, the task was certainly easier and more pleasant. Another tip I’d like to share is that if you find a print on Etsy that you love but is being sold at the wrong size, you can always contact the seller and they will almost always offer you the size you are looking for. In fact, when conducting this very important research for the blog, I came across this stunning print of a surfer (see last photo) that I intend to buy in a 16×20 size.

If these examples aren’t what you are looking for do not hesitate to peruse the rest of the well curated stock that these websites have to offer. This is your chance to support the arts!

Racing Stripes Make you Faster 8×12 – 16×24 print by Dan Volkens, $75-$125

delta (126) 8×12 – 20×30 print by Bob Hughes, $50-$200

Samburu (black and white) 8×10 print by Lyle Owerko, $200

Surfer 8×10 print by Fawn Mokulis, $10


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