Cutting Edge: Club Monaco Opens their Online Store

If you are a young New Yorker, Club Monaco is most likely one of your first choices when you are in need of a sartorial pick-me-up. The lofty black and white stores are home to a perfect mix of basic and style forward pieces. To those who worked in my office and within my circle of friends, this store is an essential. Which is why it was slightly confusing that they were the only large brand to not have online shopping. Three years ago, this was comprehendible: they were a slightly smaller company who truly wanted to give their customers a unique monochromatic experience. Three years later, it starts to become more perplexing.

Alas! On March 27th, 2012, Club Monaco finally launches their online shop and it looks solid! The site’s look is simple but not without personality and it is easy to navigate. Not only can you shop their newest merchandise but you can also peruse the nicely curated editorial section displaying their editor’s picks, style muse profiles and  Spring lookbook. I won’t take more time away from your browsing but I will say that this is a nice surprise for me since it will be a great place to source more products for upcoming trends.


C.M.’s March Spring Lookbook.

C.M.’s March Spring Lookbook.

C.M.’s March Spring Lookbook.

And don’t forget their fantastic menswear! March 2012 lookbook.

March 2012 lookbook.

March 2012 lookbook.

E-commerce has a heavy editorial hand these days. If you aren’t sure what to pick up, scroll through Club Monaco’s editor’s picks.

Club Monaco’s site is easy to navigate and filled with great inspiration, including a look at three stylish men and women who are leaders in their industry.


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