Fresh Trend: Street Style is Influencing Fashion Campaigns

This image from Mango’s Spring 2012 Catalogue looks straight out of Elin Kling’s blog.

Sure street style isn’t a new concept: there will be a second Sartorialist book, Bill Cunningham’s 25-year career has been celebrated in a full length documentary, and now the Man Repeller is becoming so well known that even men know about it. But I have never seen so many fashion brands use the streets as a source of influence. More and more, I have come across Spring look books featuring disheveled, casual outfits. And although this topic can be considered stale, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite looks as well as a couple of ideas that I have taken from this trend.

Firstly, I believe that the emphasis on street style is partially due to the resurgence of personal style and its power. Since we all have more access to the internet and therefore the same brands, boutiques and magazines, what will differentiate us from the rest is point of view. Blog readers are fascinated by each blogger’s individual personality and how they manage to channel it through their outfits. Fashion brands want show their point of view and they want to educate buyers on how to achieve it for themselves. Or at least want to buy into the dream of having personal style.

Secondly, street style shows intent but more importantly communicates effortless cool. We all want to look fantastic but we also don’t want to appear as though we tried too hard. By consequence, denim is hugely popular this Spring, as are the untucked shirt and pushed up sleeves. No more perfect up-dos, heavy makeup and over-the-top dresses.

Finally, street style is approachable. It allows you to make mistakes, try new trends, and maybe even wear a slightly wrinkled shirt. It’s democratic and it entices people (buyers) to be engaged.

Whatever you may take from this, I hope this is a side of fashion that you are excited about. In the absence of stores, e-commerce is becoming more and more editorial, meaning that more brands are contributing to the conversation and there is more inspiration out there to take in…

More than about polish, fashion brands are focusing on fit and style. From Maison Scotch.

From Scotch & Soda.

As was mentioned in the previous post on Saturdays Surf, menswear now is not just about being sophisticated but also effortlessly cool. Here, the model poses with his cup of coffee as if it were a candid shot. From Scotch & Soda.

Street style may not be used literally but it has influenced fashion by celebrating the unpolished. From Mango’s Spring 2012 Catalogue.

Margarita Mylona for Zara

Even makeup is taking a more casual, during the day, direction. Image from All Saints.

One Response to “Fresh Trend: Street Style is Influencing Fashion Campaigns”
  1. This was a very well written articles. I like the streetstyle concept for many of the reasons you pointed out and also for the fact that I get to see style in use…people out and about living and doing it stylishly.

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