Man’s Best Friend: Saturdays Surf Shop in Soho

Saturdays Surf has a relaxed yet sophisticated feel. The coffee bar in the middle of the store draws in a constant stream of locals.Image from Saturdays Surf.

Readers, this is a rare occurrence: this store has rendered me jealous of those with an x and y chromosome. And to think that retail has the power to make men and women turn on each other… It’s undeniable, Saturdays Surf is stylish, it carries original black and white prints, and it has the kind of attitude that we all strive for, effortless cool. I’m not a surfer, nor a man, but this store has a particular magnetism that draws me in and if last Saturday is any indication, it’s affecting the rest of the weekend Soho crowd too.

Opened in 2009, Saturdays Surf’s original concept was to become a place where surfing and the creativity of a New York City lifestyle merged. It started out with wetsuits, surfboards and a few other types of merchandise (books, artwork, etc), but has transitioned into a full blown fashion brand. They recently began selling their own menswear derived from a sophisticated take on beach style. No tropical flower prints here.

And if you aren’t in the mood to pick up some new Spring gear, you can still grab a great cup of their coffee.

Saturdays Surf NYC
31 Crosby St.
New York NY, 10013

1. James Crew Neck, $65 | 2. Harry Jumonji & Steve Olson Deck, $425 | 3. Squire Sunglasses by Raen, $125 | 4. Broken Stack T-Shirt, $40 | 5. Authentic Sneakers by Vans, $75 | 6. Malibu Sign 2008 Print by Randall Mesdon, $2000 | 7. Fish Hook Bracelet in Leather, $60 | 8. Jail Break Boardshort, $75

Image from Saturdays Surf.

Besides the high quality apparel and original artwork, Saturdays Surf is also a true surf shop. Image from Saturdays Surf.

And for further inspiration, here are some stunning surf shots by photographer Chris Hannant.

Image by Chris Hannant.

Image by Chris Hannant.


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