Hidden Gems: Colonie in Brooklyn Heights

Restaurant Colonie has a wall of verdure, showing its modern take on a French colonial industrial aesthetic. Image from Colonie.

It’s very rare in New York City to find a place as incredible as Colonie at a last minute decision to have brunch. It’s even rarer to be seated at a table on a busy Saturday within 10 minutes. But it did indeed happen and it was a discovery that has opened my eyes to Brooklyn’s incredible potential. There are so many undiscovered culinary locales to enjoy. The food at Colonie is incredible, both seasonal and local it is prepared right in font of you by a slew of animated chefs. I can vouch for it’s delicious brunch (some of the best pancakes in NYC and savory leek-gruyere omeletes), but I have yet to try their very promising dinner menu.

What is exciting about this restaurant beyond its food is the warm and vibrant atmosphere created by its owners. Former management colleagues at Public, Tamer Hamawi, Emelie Kihlstrom and Elise Rosenberg decided that they wanted to bring a sophisticated, high end dining experience to Brooklyn Heights so as to put it on the map as a culinary hotspot. Because of its open kitchen, well trained and friendly waitstaff, as well as young clientele, Colonie has a dynamic feel that is unique to New York dining.

Also of note, the interior design, created by Alex Meyers, is largely sustainable, constructed of reclaimed barn wood for the tables and floors, and repurposed pews for seating. With the added effect of the warm industrial lighting, Colonie’s decor makes this restaurant one of my top picks.

Seating all around the chefs’ station make for a dynamic setting. Image from Knstrct.

Image from Knstrct.

Rustic barn materials give Colonie a unique feel. Image from Colonie.

Custom made industrial lighting reminds me of a modern take on French rural design. Image from Colonie.

Ricotta Gniudi. Image from Colonie.

Crostini. Image from Colonie.


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