Man’s Best Friend: Ozwald Boateng Revolutionizes Menswear

Image from Proverb Limited

Style or substance? That’s often the choice that is put before us. But for Ozwald Boateng, the revolutionary designer of Bespoke menswear, they are one and the same. According to him, substance is a necessary component of good style because it is an outward expression of one’s creativity. Boateng is certainly creative. He has changed the course of men’s tailoring, injecting vibrant colors into his custom and semi-custom suits. His vision has been appreciated by an array of high profile male celebrities: Mick Jagger, Will Smith, and David Beckham to name a few…

But what is truly revolutionary about Ozwald Boateng’s contribution to men’s fashion is that he has merged two generations’ points of view: he has brought the traditional suit into the 21st century and has given it a new life, reinterpreted it into our language. Boateng himself is the best example of the change in how the new generation of men dress, you’ll never find him in a hoodie. Street-wear is being traded in for a more sophisticated, put-together look; Steve McQueen and Cary Grant are resurfacing as style icons; And even hip-hop has taken a sharper looking turn with Kanye West and Jay-Z at the forefront of street-meets-business.

Boateng’s career is celebrated in the new movie A Man’s Story, coming out on DVD on March 16th. You can see the trailer here.

And for those who are interested to read about Ozwald Boateng’s tips for looking sharp, check out the interview at The Grooming Guide.

Photo by Tom Stoddardt. From Boateng’s site

The Independant

Spring/Summer Collection 2012. Icon Image Concepts

Fall Winter Collection 2012. Image from Ape to Gentlemen

“The traditionally ‘black and white’ Japanese attitude towards clothing etiquette fascinates me. In modern society, migration between East and West has caused these elements to merge. Autumn/Winter 2012 combines facets of typical British Hunting Attire and a Japanese aesthetic story to create something new, something directional.”- Ozwald Boateng

Image from Ape to Gentlemen


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