Cutting Edge: The Exceptional Art Direction of VMAN

VMAN’s online Fall issue starts strong!

When I worked as the Style Editor at Lonny Magazine we threw around many design-forward and ambitious ideas on how to present our exciting editorial content. If you remember the November/December issue, our whole team collaborated on our first ever in-house styled gift guide. The final product was, thankfully, a success but it was certainly difficult to execute. You can’t imagine all of the little details required to make it all work. We often celebrate magazines for their riveting interviews on iconic personas, or an incredible feature of a new designer’s home, but rarely do you hear anyone commend a magazine for fantastic art direction. Well, in this post, I’d like to celebrate the barrier-breaking work of WMAN’s design and editorial team in their Online Fall 2011 issue. The seamless transition from idea to visual layout is something that is very difficult to achieve. And I, as an editor and design enthusiast am inspired by the elegance, ingenuity, and execution of VMAN’s art direction. I hope that other online magazines take cues from this example and elevate the visual and conceptual way that stories are communicated. It truly has a huge impact on its readers.

Click on the photos to be directed to the magazine on Issuu’s site.

I love the styling of this article. The point of view of each ‘archetype’ (the theme of the issue) is clear.

Please read this quote.

Again, the point of view is clear through color and texture. And how genius was it of them to use a material as a background!


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