Inspiring Interiors: Hotel Alma Sevilla

The Courtyard of the Hotel Alma Sevilla

This morning I am feeling particularly patriotic and my mind has drifted off to Seville, Spain. Whether it’s the 27 degree weather or just a case of cabin fever, I have spent quite a bit of time exploring the vast array of design hotels located in balmy locations (Mexico, South Africa, Miami…). But in the end, the Hotel Alma Sevilla conquered my heart. There is something incredibly charming about the preservation of the original details of the Villapanés Palace with the moody and modern interior styling of the hotel. While the overall design is certainly forward thinking (modern task lighting, framed photography and clean lines), the hotel’s structure is true to historical Andalusian architecture. They have kept the impressive original art nouveau gates, the heavy moorish doors and the inner terra-cotta patio. But one choice, seems to stand out: why did the owners of the hotel choose a dark and moody palette for the rooms and suites? Believe it or not, this too is part of Andalusian tradition. Because of the sweltering heat during the late Spring and Summer months, the inhabitants of the south of Spain would keep the inside of the their homes very dark and shut out light as a way to create a cooler environment indoors. For practicality reasons and also to honor tradition, the owners of the Hotel Alma Sevilla have chosen their take on this design choice. I can only imagine that at nightfall on a particularly warm night, the rooms must have a particularly enchanting glow. It has inspired day dreams of lightweight clothing, sandals, cañas and salmorejo.

The Hotel Alma Sevilla is sure to please and although not the cheapest place to stay, has great deals that can make this sojourn not entirely unachievable. And if you are on the hunt for another spectacular hotel, don’t forget to check out my previous post on the Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona.

The original details of the Villapanés Palace

The different suites available.


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