Fresh Trend: Abstract Cross Design

Frédéric Méchiche’s incredible home

Perhaps it’s my obsession with Suprematism or just my love of geometric design, but this season’s cross infused fashion and home decor has me inspired. It must be mentioned that you do not need to be religious to embrace this motif. Just as an architecture student admires the gothic churches of Europe, we may also admire this simple shape. For the modernists, the black equal length cross was a symbol of modern man-made forms that were to be idolized instead of religion. Because these shapes did not exist in nature, they served as examples of the infinite achievements of man. In my mind, this is what the cross represents… and if it also has a connotation of sacrifice and peace? Then so be it.

Méchiche’s bedroom in his Parisian loft

Here are a few items that exemplify how bold, graphic, and sophisticated the cross motif can be. When going for this trend, choose items that steer clear of being too literal; you don’t want to look like Christian college student.

1. Modern and Graphic Tan Swiss Cross Pillow: $22; redbirdvintagehome| 2. Square Cross Collar Necklace by Fortune Favors the Brave: $63;| 3. Cross Bangle I: $53.02; Fashionologie| 4. Ethiopian Coptic Cross: $750; Bond & Bowery| 5. XL Coffee Sack Basket- Swiss Cross: $39.99; BrinandNohl| 6. Cross Blanket: $254.20; Piawallen| 7. Cross Key Ring Leather: $32.20; Piawallen| 8. Petite Burnout Cross Tank: $40; Topshop


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