Man’s Best Friend: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

1. Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffeemaker with Shatterproof Carafe by Bodum: $49.95; Wayfair| 2. Card Speaker by Idea: $73; Vetted| 3. Hello T-shirt: $22; Buddy Carr Skateboards| 4. Co-op Alpaca Blanket: $348; Apolis Global Citizen| 5. Grenade Oil Lamp by Piet Houtenbos: $59; Aha Life| 6. Looking In: Robert Franks The American’s, Expanded Edition: $44.92;| 7. Runner Iphone Cover in Cognac: $89; Sled Handmade Goods| 8. Skull Stationery Set by Assouline: $48; Vivre

Valentine’s Day- the holiday dreaded by most single people and the night that couples are crammed into restaurants trying to have a romantic evening around other couples doing the exact same thing. As you can tell, I am not a big fan of this holiday, but that doesn’t mean that I am not a romantic. I believe that there is a significant place in this world for romance, but it should come out unforced and, more often than what is portrayed in movies, in small, thoughtful gestures. Of course, one of these small gestures can be in the form a gift. I have long been a challenged gift giver, but over time I have learned what kind of items to go for when it comes to guys. Let me share some of the tips that I have learned along the way:

1. Although obvious, men are men, not women. Generally, they do not like masculine versions of what we like: ex. scented candles, cologne.

2. I have found that guys are particularly enchanted by products that have a humorous twist to them, unexpected or whose design is unusual. An example of this type of gift is the grenade oil lamp featured in this round-up. How incredible a find is this oil lamp?!

3. For Valentine’s Day it is best to skip clothing as gifts. On this particular day, you want your boyfriend or husband to feel masculine. A soft sweater doesn’t exactly scream masculinity.

4. Make it personal. In this round up, I included an amazing book of photography. Instead of just handing the book over as is, why not write something personal inside: the reason why you chose that book for him, for example.

5. If all else fails, buy him a bottle of his favorite liquor and some glasses and offer to make him a cocktail at home.

I hope all of you enjoy this coming February 14th! Make sure to check back soon to see my Valentine’s Day gift guide for women.

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