Fresh (& Classic) Trend: Edison Bulb Lamps

Frank Muytjens’ home in Lonny Magazine, December 2010

The Edison Bulb, named after the renowned developer of light bulbs, has become a key component of modern interiors. Who can resist its warm glow and sculptural filaments, or even its reference to a simpler era? The odd thing about the Edison Bulb is its broad appeal: whether you are a modernist, traditionalist, minimalist, or maximalist, it is sure to please.

Although Thomas Edison was not the first inventor of the lightbulb (the first was Joseph Swan), he was the first to create a long lasting bulb, using various types of filaments: initially bamboo and then carbon and tungsten, still used today in what we call “Edison Bulbs”. His 1879 innovation made it possible for electricity to be readily available and economically accessible to all.

In this post, I have conducted a roundup of Edison Bulb lamps to show you the options that are available. For me, these lamps are modern day sculptures, perfect for on top of a dresser or on a stack of books as a way to add an extra source of light without taking up room. Because these lamps are so simple, the focus is on the bulb whose filaments create beautiful shapes of light. It also adds an industrial element into your home, contributing to the mix of styles that make up your overall design.

In this round up, I have also included an oil lamp, which served as an inspiration for these modern table lamps. As you can see, the shape and materials are almost exactly the same.

From top left to bottom right: Work Lamp in Silver: $120; Scandinavian Design House| Ion Lamp in Black: $85; Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.| Workshop Table Lamp: $94.95; Eclectic| Clover Lamp: $125; Rejuvenation| Cabin Pewter Oil Lamp: $170; Danforth Pewter| Menlo Lamp by Roost: $148; Anthropologie


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