Tips of the Trade: Modern Kitchen Essentials

1. Linen Apron by Fog Linen: $65; ABC Home| 2. Glass Creamer: $12.95; CB2| 3. Pattern 451 Flatware: $49.95; CB2| 4. Double Walled Oil/Vinegar Carafe by Inchendorf: $22-$26; A+R Store| 5. Handmade Mineral Stained Poplar Bowl: $79; Sanderswoodworking| 6. White Ceramic Berry Basket: $5.56; Sur la Table| 7. Walnut and Maple Cutting Board: $28; ScottBlocks| 8. Black and White Pentagram Bowls: $35; jencotton

I’m not typically the kind of person who, come January, makes a new year’s resolution to go on a diet and declares that she will never touch fried food again. Frankly, most of the time those endeavors aren’t successful. Nevertheless, because the start of a new year can incentivize healthy changes in your lifestyle, and since those changes are mostly food related, why not focus on your kitchen? In my opinion, it’s not very motivating to start a diet when you are using mismatched glasses, chipped dishes, and stained cutting boards. We often neglect our kitchens as a space to decorate and to express our personalities. So, with that in mind, I have put together a round up of a few great kitchen finds out there online. Some of these are handmade from designers on the website Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when decorating your kitchen:

1. The most important thing is to keep each piece simple and focus more on quality and material rather than embellishments. The point is to highlight the food and not to compete with the container.

2. Keep your best items out on the counters: wooden bowls, white ceramic containers, glass jars will create a nice visual pattern when displayed, as well as invite people to interact with them.

3. Head to your local flea market to find a few vintage framed prints. The distressed wooden frames as well as the slightly aged paper will serve as a nice contrast to the stone, tile, and metal.

4. If you want to include color, keep your choice to one or two at the most and of a similar tone. The rest of the items in your kitchen should be neutral.

For your convenience and inspiration, here are some examples of well decorated kitchens…

1. Deborah Berke| 2. Piet Boon| 3. Murphy Burnham & Buttrick| 4. Lonny Magazine

Click on the image to see it in full.


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