Fresh Trend: Oceanic Style from Givenchy Spring 2012 RTW

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Shagreen, fish scales and shark teeth are not unfamiliar materials used in fashion and home design. Working for a shelter magazine, I have seen countless faux-shagreen and capiz shell decor pieces, probably to the point of exhaustion. However, I was completely electrified by Riccardo Tisci’s Spring 2012 collection for Givenchy; he revealed a lyrical and ingenious take on oceanic style. Drawing from multiple perspectives of the ocean and then reinvisioning them within the confines of fashion, Tisci demonstrates the pinnacle of great high fashion: where surrealism meets reality. And yet he somehow makes each piece completely wearable.

In this collection, Tisci was inspired by ancient maritime mythology (sirens and large sea creatures), surfing, and the refraction of light on the ocean’s surface to reinterpret conventional fashion pieces. Jacket are given undulating lapels, shoes have spiked curvatures, and my favorite, oversized shark teeth serve as major statement pieces. This is one of the first times where the accessories might be more impressive than the clothes themselves. In any case, they both work in beautiful harmony.

These are a few examples of the accessories that can be found from this collection. I have seen similar earrings before in alternative context, but I think that it would work really well in contrast with sophisticated soft pieces.
Normally, I prefer to just look at the images from a collection rather than watch the video clip of it, but in this case I believe that the full beauty of Tisci’s work can only captured in movement. Pay special attention to the silver sequined dress; for me, it captured the evening light on the water perfectly.

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