Look Breakdown: Michael Kors’ Living Room

Michael Kors’ Home Photo by Douglas Friedman

One of my intentions with this blog was to make great design accessible. “Look Breakdown” is one of the most effective ways, I hope, that I will make it much easier for all of you to recreate a put-together design in your own home.

Michael Kors’ living room, shot by photographer Douglas Friedman, is relaxed modernism at its best. The charcoal sectional is incredibly inviting and the faux fur throw adds a hint of sex appeal. To help you understand the space, here are three aspects that make it work and one way you could go completely wrong:

1. Monochromatic color scheme: all of the pieces of furniture are shades of gray and black. Instead of color contrast, the focus is on form and texture. This shift of focus is the best way for you to create a design that is first and foremost sophisticated.

2. All of the pieces have angularity and geometry. From the bowl to the chairs and the blinds, the design is made up of straight lines and shapes. Because of these lines, the room has a clean and balanced feel.

3. Remember the small details: often in modern spaces, we tend to go too minimalist. The painting, the plants, and  the book all give warmth to the otherwise simple pieces of furniture.

Don’t: try this is in a cramped and small space. The reason why all of these dark items work well in this living room is because they are operating in an open area where negative space plays a big role. Keep the walls white, place the sofa on the opposite side of the entryway, and de-clutter.

To give you even more help to breakdown the look, I have searched the internet to find similar looking or pieces.

1. Ibiza Chair: $345; Regency Shop| 2. American Fashion Designers at Home by Rima Suqi: $48.28; Barnes & Noble| 3. Painting 2: $250; Lauren Adams Art| 4. Tema Prairie 35″ x 35″ Coffee Table: $468.40; All Modern| 5. Tizio Desk Lamp: $320; The Conran Shop| 6. Kivik Sofa and Chaise Lounge in Dansbo Dark Gray: $848; Ikea| 7. Polished Chrome Arc Floor Lamp by George Kovacs: $360.99; Lamps Plus| 8. Faux Fur Throw by Dennis Basso: $48.96; QVC| 9. Swirl Black Vegetable Bowl: $34.99; Mikasa


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