Man’s Best Friend: Street Etiquette

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette photo from Vogue Italia

Call me a tomboy, but there’s nothing more inspiring than men’s fashion, haberdashery and design. Largely untouched in design blogs, I intend to bring it to the forefront and showcase some of its best examples in the section “man’s best friend”. Here, I’ll include the best stores, blogs, and interiors targeted for men (or women who love a bit of masculinity in their life).

First up is one of my favorite blogs, Street Etiquette, a place where street style is fused with traditional tailoring, South Bronx meets Savile Row. The two owners, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs explore the history of American menswear and through their sartorial musings show how to properly integrate essential pieces into your wardrobe. You’ll also find incredible detail shots of their their personal style, often African inspired, all combined to give you a Basquiat-meets-Cary Grant elixir for your daily style troubles.

Street Etiquette is definitely the perfect blend of classic and edge–two essential vanguard maxims.

London Fashion Week

The Wool Suit

NYC Subway Etiquette


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