Tips of the Trade: New Year’s Eve Entertaining

Quartz Piñata in Silver: $140; Confetti System| 100 Mini Clear Bulbs & White Wire Christmas String Lights by Everglow: $13.05;| Ribbed Antique Gold Votives: $8; Canvas| Mirrored Ice Bucket: $200; Calvin Klein Home| Pretty Burl Wood Plank: $59-$69; Greenhouse Design Studio| Small Dots Salad/Dessert Plates: $4.50/8 plates; Caspari| Champagne Flutes by Govino: $14/four glasses; Moma StoreCube Jigger by Josh Owen: $28; Unica Home| Skull Wine Stand by Thomas Fuchs: $130; Ahalife| Bottle Opener: $28; Adler & Co.

New Year’s is filled with tacky, over the top and disposable decor. Remember that photo of you wearing 2011 sunglasses? This unfortunate characteristic of NYE gatherings, has inspired me to write a post about how to decorate with items for the 31st that you will want to reuse many and many times again. The main thing is to stick to a metallic color scheme, that gives the appeal of being festive without being too of the moment. But what to choose and how to put it together?

Here are a few ideas to set up the perfect evening, whether it is the first stop or the only.

1. No one looks great in bad lighting. Forget the overhead lights that come standard in your apartment or home. Use white Christmas lights to create an overall warm glow. Put them behind the sofa or on the mantel. Also include votives on your coffee table, shelves, or window sills. Another nice touch is to include a candle in the bathroom to extend that warmth throughout the home.

2. To serve cheese, crackers, cold cuts and dip, use wooden slabs. They create an informal approach to serving and will tone down the metallic tones in the other decorative pieces. Also, it’s unlikely that one of your friends can break such a large piece of wood.

3. Have a fully stocked bar and have all the tools necessary. There’s nothing better than to have the ice ready to go in a shiny ice bucket, or have a stylish bottle opener where the drinks are. These small touches make a difference to the night by showing your guests that you are prepared and are detail oriented.

4. Use plastic glasses, but choose nice looking versions. There is nothing worse than a New Year’s Eve party with red Solo cups or broken glass. These Govino glasses can be used over and over again but are plastic so they won’t break.

5. Have one specialty cocktail already mixed, more than that can get confusing.

6. Because NYE parties can have a strange mix of friends, a piñata is a fun way to get everyone involved and break the ice. Besides most people enjoy hitting things, especially if they have had a few drinks.

7. Have your guests help set up the party if you run out of time. Involving them will make them feel included and more relaxed than just sitting on the couch by themselves.

I hope you found these tips useful. Safe drinking and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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