Tips of the Trade: Pillow Update

Agar Euro Pillow: $135; John Robshaw Textiles| Suede Topstitch Pillow Cover: $79; Restoration Hardware| L’Anticipato Pillow by Fornasetti: $135; Barneys New York

When it comes to home decorating, some of us make it a priority, but most of us have to choose between a coveted home decor piece and that pair of jeans we’ve been eyeing at our go-to clothing store. We want our homes to represent us but sometimes it’s too daunting a task to take on. Where to start? I believe that one of the easiest places to begin that can make a big impact is the throw pillow. It’s not too expensive and you can see it every time you sit on your couch (which if you are like me, is a lot). The throw pillow is both long lasting and a quick fix. It can just as easily be an item you hold on to for several years, or something you switch out seasonally.

Here are three stunning options (I currently have the suede one on my white sofa). Remember, always buy down inserts. Any other type of fill will just cheapen the feel of the pillow.

2 Responses to “Tips of the Trade: Pillow Update”
  1. Spanish Reader says:

    Love the subtle detail on the suede pillow! Thanks for the great ideas, especially the advice about the insert. I never considered the affect of the invisible on the visible.
    Spanish Reader

  2. Spanish Reader says:

    I meant effect not affect.

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